Was using Thunderbird. How to get Contacts from it to eM Client ?

Using eM Client full time now. How to get Contacts from Thunderbird

Hello Pete, you should be able to import your data from Thunderbird by using the built-in import feature in File > Import, however Thunderbird has to be installed on the computer with all the data you want to import.

If you’re using an IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV account, all you should need to do is to setup your account with eM Client and all available data should be downloaded from the server automatically.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,
  Sorted! Used a CSV file. Two questions :
[1] How do I attach a file to an eMail.
[2] To write an eMail is it possible to have the Address list along side, otherwise I have to               remember the address! Or can I write directly from the Address list ?

I’m quite keen on eM now and will purchase if all goes well…
Thanks for your help & patience.

Hello Pete, glad it works, you should be able to attach an email to your message by using the “Attachment” button when composing a new message or by drag and dropping items on the message when composing.

You can click on the “To” field (next to it, right on the “To” label) and select your contacts from the Contacts folder, or right click the contact(s) in the Contacts view/folder and select “Send message” to send a message directly to these people.

Hope this helps,