WARNING - wrong due date on calender entries

I set an appointment for a specific time in the calender (or what else would you do with appointment entry options?). I set a reminder (5 hours). I set a label, according the category, I want this appointment to be visually listed. Then I hit save.

Guess what? The appointment, set in the date entry dialogue of the calendar view for specific time eg beginning at 11 AM, is set in the calendar table automatically (!) back to 10 AM. So you can imagine, what happen, when you have to set serveral medical appointments from different sides a day. If you rely on correct entry and don’t calculate with this stupid failure, you get in real trouble!

Be aware of this topic if you set an appointment next time.

Used by Mac OS 10.15.7 with eMClient 9.0.213

Suggest to send any Mac eM Client V9 Beta feedback to testing@emclient.com and include “which account calendar” you are using.

Also keep checking the version history page for Mac eM Client updates.

Nice trial.
Also the new and recomended version to solve the problem is buggy. Date entries are postponed for one hour without any reason. Pure horror for any reliable scheduling!

Usage: Mac OS 10.15.7 eMClient 9.0.1632, usage of synchronized calender me.com (the entry will be made on eMClient without synchronisation issues! There is no synchronisation error! This is NOT the problem. Just the postponed date will be synchronized as wrong as emClient process the data).

And yes, I updated the app to the absolutely actual version.

More then just irritating:
Entry in the dialogue shows up with 8:00 - no reason

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-19 um 11.51.32

Entry in the calender view shows up in 9:00 - 17:00 raster (which is correct, and shows also the date 9:00 - 16:30 in the brown calender view bar of the day)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-19 um 11.51.47

What is the timezone of the start time?
Is it the same as the timezone of the end time?