Warning signs on folder names.

Good Morning All

I am on emClient v. 7.2.342080.

I have just replaced my expired BT account with a new account from PlusNet - my default account remains Outlook.com.

The PlusNet account has registered satisfactorily and functions correctly but I am having some problems with a couple of folder names.

When I ‘Delete’ or ‘Draft’ an e-mail I get a message on an Operations Notice saying “An error occurred - unable to create folder” etc .  The attached screenshot shows this.

In fact the folders are created but they have a Red triangle with an exclamation mark (!) inside next to each one.

I cannot remove this mark or delete the folders.  I have tried to ‘Hide’ the folders but all this has done is put them into a subdivision marked ‘More’ and I still cannot do anything with them.  It is also not possible to empty the contents fully using a Right Click which I can do with my main Outlook account.

Please can someone advise?