Warning! Nvidia studio driver 517.40 breaks email rendering in EM 8.2

my setup

win 10 pro 21H2, build 19044.2006
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
last driver: 516.94
New driver NVIDIA Studio-driver- WHQL
version: 517.40 - published: 2022 September 20

Installing the driver caused email content to no longer be rendered.
only the headers were shown and an eternal loading bar at the top.
reply/forward displayed the content immediately.

rolling back to Nvidia driver 516.94 ‘solved’ the problem.

→ This is the workstation/studio version of the RTX-Drivers.
Whether it is relevant to the game-ready drivers I cannot say.

update with caution.

I have submitted a ticket, but here a warning to other users

happy mailing


I suspect that’s an Nvidia driver problem with a eg: Beta driver.

517.40 is not beta, but a production release.
The studio drivers are for content creation i.e. professional use and therefore high quality standards are expected.

But thanks for expressing your suspicion to help clear up the incompatibility.

Thanks for the headsup. I use the Studio driver, and will stick with 516.94 for now.