Warn Before Bulk Changes

Due to an over-sensitive touchpad, i accidentally dragged my ENTIRE Future calendar group into Today. 

Massive changes occurred, but i’m not sure what. I see one appointment that was for tomorrow, Monday 6/30 was moved to Monday 7/28, exactly 4 weeks later. Many events were moved to a different folder. 

ALL future appointments were altered, and now it’s going to be a big, time-consuming job to fix this. 

eM should have given me a warning “Are you sure you want to move these events?” Is there a setting for this?

You gave me a bulk way to accidentally screw up all my appointments. Did you give me a bulk way to fix them? Let me guess: You didn’t. 

Hi Johny, I’m sorry that this is bothering you, but you can’t possibly make us responsible for your oversensitive touchpad.
Hope you can manage avoid these kind of mistakes in the future.

We are not considering adding confirmation messages for event updates, the application only makes you to confirm a deletion of an item, we believe that’s sufficient.

Thank you for understanding,

Do you even understand what was dragged? Support agents here frequently do NOT understand the problem being reported.

I think you don’t even know what was clicked. Do you?

Hi again Johny, yes if a support agent is not completely sure on how exactly did you manage to do the reported thing. It’s better to ask some follow up questions.
I do understand what was clicked. I do not understand what do you mean by moving into Today, which is not possible, at least not in the agenda view (or any other view as a matter of fact).

Thank you,

i clicked the “Future” bar, and dragged it into the “Older” section-

As an experiment, i did it again. i clicked there and dragged up, and i did not let go of the mouse. I did not see any icon or indication that this was a clickable hot-spot. There was no indication that this action would DO something. So i let go. 

Suddenly, the status bar reported “moving items” or something like that. Next, i discovered that all future appointments on my Google calendar appeared to be deleted. 

It seems that eM enabled me to delete all events on my calendar in a single drang/drop, without any warning or indication. 

I also noticed events from an 3rd party calendar to which i was subscribed also disappeared. After a moment, the events from the 3rd-party calendar re-appeared. 

However, events on my own calendar were gone permanently. They were gone from my google calendar web-interface, too. 

If eM Client would have a ‘last changed date / time’ field for events, you could be able to show that in the ‘agenda’ view, then select all events with the date and time you just moved them from ‘future’ to ‘older’ and then move them back to ‘future’…however you wouldn’t be able to know what the original date and time of the appointments were…

I think a confirmation question in this case (moving multiple appointments, especially when moving them to the past) would be very useful.

Hi Johny,

If you happen to make backups every night, I think the best solution is to put back a backup of ‘yesterday’.