Want to see: next message in message window when I delete previous

I don’t use the reading layout. When I click on a line in the email list, it opens up a popup message window. That’s great. I can read the message. Then I may click to get rid of the message. The message deletes and the popup window closes.

That’s not the behavior I want. When I delete the message in the popup window, I would like to see the next UNREAD message immediately appear in the popup. If there are no more unread, then (and only then) go back to the message list.

That would enhance my workflow; it would save 2 steps per email read.

Thank you for your consideration.

I’m going to put something similar in as an Idea - they seem to get a better response.

automatic opening of next unread message is already on our official feature requests list and it will be probably implemented in one of the next version of eM Client.

Is it still in the list. It doesn’t appear to be in the new version releasde recently. I find this is a major niggle…

It should be implemented in the version 5.5.

How do I turn that off? I don’t want the next message opened up. This was a very annoying change in the update.

Next version will contain an option for this behaviour.