Want to see My Folders and Subfolders in Inbox

I have just installed the latest version of eM Client on my Windows 10 pc.
Swapped from Thunderbird.
I have a single IMAP account.
On my provider’s server (webmail) I have approx 20 folders under Inbox and several of those folders have subfolders.
I have checking sync’ing operations in Settings and in Accounts on eM Client, but still only see the single Inbox.

How can I download and see all my Inbox folders and subfolders within eM Client?

This should happen automatically if the account is setup as IMAP or Exchange in eM Client.

Can you go to Menu > Accounts and see if the account has IMAP, POP3 or EWS tabs?

Who is the email provider?

Thanks Gary.
It’s an IMAP account with Internode (Australia).
eM Client is the 3rd client I’ve used to try to resolve this problem which started when we moved house over two weeks ago.

Yesterday I realised I had one setting slightly incorrect, and after correcting, I now have all my Inbox folders displayed (and I can see/read their contents).
However I still have a minor problem in that with new messages, the headers appear fairly quickly, but it can take several minutes before I can actually read the messages.
We are now on a speed nearly 10 times faster than we had previously where the messages were readable almost immediately - which seems weird.

My problem now is receiving message headers, but the actual emails can’t be read for several minutes.
If I try to read one, I get a message stating that I’m not connected to the server.
I am always online when checking my emails.
I have an IMAP account, a fast connection, have only one account, and I have “synchronise items at startup” checked.
I was used another email client some time ago when I had a much slower connection, and the ability to read my emails was almost immediate.
Is there a setting I’m missing?