Want to see all (repeating( agenda items, not just starting points.

When I select the Agenda view, it shows that certain items are recurring items,  but doesn’t show those recurrences in line, in chronological order as they (will) occur. This is unhelpful, especially as some recurrences are every 30days, 28 days, one week, one month (meaning that in a given month, event A occurs before event B; sometimes after.)

I would like the recurrences expanded (upto a reasonable number of iterations into the future). I don’t want to have to see “mortgage payment” for a date three years ago, and then try to mentally expand that into where-in-the-month-are-we relative to those events which happen weekly/daily.

I tried the “hide past” option, but that’s even worse - because it hides the starting point (perhaps reasonably), but then you have no way of seeing where the future occurences will be)

Hi Bobby,
this is not possible in the Agenda view as all the relevant iterations can be seen in the other Calendar views.
I’ll mark you forum thread as an Idea instead of Question so our developers can consider this change for future updates.