Want to rollback to version 7 to get away from ver 8 problems

when my free trial of version 8 expires will I be able to restore ver 7? Version 8 doesn’t appear to have gone through beta or alpha testing before release, have many problems/dislikes with the new version and either need to go back to ver 7 or switch to another product

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In this link you can find and download all versions of the eM Client from version 1 to 8: https://www.emclient.com/release-history.

If you have a Mac: https://www.emclient.com/release-history?os=mac

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Be aware that version 8 messes with the ‘upgraded’ database so that 7 can’t read it. I renamed the 8 database so that 7 could start then restored a recent database from my backups. This ensures you get all your personal settings back as they were.

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I wish someone would post the steps to do this

I did on here a few days ago. Do you have a recent backup of your EMC 7 database?
My previous post:

I have a disk image backup of my whole system from the day before I upgraded to version 8.

Do this entirely at your own risk, I cannot guarantee it will work for you or that you won’t lose data!

I uninstalled version 8 choosing the option to retain the database (just in case!). I renamed that database folder eM Client 8 . I switched off my internet connection. I then installed version 7. I renamed that database folder eM Client 7 . I opened my disk image and found the database folder from the day before the upgrade to 8. I copied that folder over to my current location for the database and that was it. When I switched the internet connection back on the emails updated and I am happily back on version 7.

There may be better ways to do it but it worked for me.

The eM Client database folder is usually found at:
[Username]/AppData/Roaming/eM Client

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I’ve got another computer running 7, I’ll uninstall 8 on this machine then put 7 back on and copy the user files from the other computer on to this one. I appreciate your help, just so sad that they released this horrible version

I did wonder what they would put in a major upgrade. I paid for mine more in the spirit of supporting the developers than personally needing anything more in the 7 software than warranted just a few point updates. Yes, very sad.

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I paid for the same reason, the free version worked fine but I wanted to show some appreciation for their work. I hope they get this ironed out soon but I will definitely monitor these boards before blindly updating again!