Want to create an account without mail server connection details

Can I create accounts in eM-Client Pro without setting up any mail server details?

I would like to create 5 accounts in eM-Client Pro for importing 5 different Outlook-Express mail-stores. These 5 accounts won’t be used for send/receiving emails. Just need them for access to old emails. I want to keep things separate. Don’t want all the imported emails going into one account.

Is it possible to use something like ‘localhost’ for the mail server details? So that eM-Client does not try connecting to a server. Also, don’t want eM-Client showing the email connection window, that asks for username/password.

Any other suggestions would be fine too.

Go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is ticked.

Now you can just create a separate folder for each set of messages in Local Folders.

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Thank you, that works well.

I’ve imported two of the mail-stores, and the mail_data.dat found in “Roaming\eM Client\Local Folders” is already 4 GB in size. Is that getting too big?

If I add more Outlook-Express mail-stores to the Local Folders, at what point is it too big? Can some of the sub-folders of Local Folders tree go into a different data file? I’ve noticed that each mail account having it’s own identity folder has a respective mail_data.dat file.

Yes, each email account will have it’s own folder within the database directory, but Local Folders is just one folder. There is no need to worry about how the data is distributed within the database.

There are users with databases in excess of 200GB, so keep going. :+1: