Want all my mails in one folder


I have a problem. I have imported my my Mails from a .pst file. There i had two e-mail accounts from different providers.
Now i have in the em client three folders with subfolders and i want them to be all in one. Received e-mails also. Is this possible?
My english is not that good^^ Hope u understand my problem. If not feel free to ask :wink:

Thx to everyone

you should be able to move all your emails from one folder to another. However if you were importing local folders, the imported emails would be in local folders now as well.
So you can move all your imported emails into one folder, but new received emails usually go to your inbox, you could set up a rule that would move them to that local folder as well, but I don’t recommend it since, the emails would not be synchronized with the server then and it might take a lot of space on your computer.

What you might be able to do though is to move all the emails from your local folders to your inbox or any other folder created on your mail account (which is stored online).

I hope this helps,

Hi Paul.

Thanks for your answer. I made a screen of how my mail structure is looking like after i imported my .pst file.
The thing is, it doesnt look really organized :smiley:
What i wanted is one Inbox, with all subfolders I have or i will create in the future. Not three inboxes for two accounts. Its not neccessary for me to see which account got what email. Only that they are there at the right place and i can answer them.
But i guess that won’t be possible, or?
I try it the way you advised. Maybe it looks a bit like I want it :smiley:

And again. tyvm for your fast answer :slight_smile:

Hi Fritz,

Your screen shot looks exactly as it should be: folders for each account and local folders.

Under ‘Alle Posteingange’ you can see all your incoming e-mail combined.

I don’t leave my e-mail on servers, so I always move incoming e-mail to project related folders under ‘Lokale Ordner’ (after I’ve processed those e-mails).