Výrazné zpomalení pošty

Dobrý den,
poslední měsíc mám problém s výrazným zpomalením pošty, načítání příloh je hrůza nedá se už na tom skoro pracovat. Mám plecenou verzi podpora, ale už zkončila, tak píšu sem. Jestli mi někdo poradíte. Ptal jsem se kolegy a má stejný problém, tak to asi nebude v notebooku.

What’s your overall computer bootup and general opening of programs speed like ?

other programs work normally.

As your computer speed is still good then sounds like either your mail database has become corrupted in some way or eM client program itself has a problem.

So first thing, make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. Then click “Menu / Help / About” to see what version you have.

Then uninstall eM Client and “Don’t delete the database when asked on uninstall”. Next download the same or later version from the version history page & reinstall. See how that goes. https://www.emclient.com/release-history

If still slow ad no change, then if you have an “IMAP / Exchange / iCloud type account” then remove your current account / accounts via “Menu / Accounts” and re-add as new. When you re-add your accounts as you are only reading the mail headers by default, eM Client will take time to re-cache all the emails, but once done should be all normal speed again. Again make another backup before removing any accounts.

Also check your internet d/l speed that it hasn’t dropped. I use eg: Speedtest https://www.speedtest.net

Failing that, maybe you do have a hard-disk issue and eM Client is possibly sitting on a eg: bad block or sector of the hard-disk. Try defragging your hard-disk and checking for any possibly disk errors too.

Lastly if you have a mechanical hard-disk, look at upgrading to a fast SSD (Solid state drive). Obviously make a backup of your computer and files first incase anything goes wrong in that process.