VJOURNAL support for notes

I have found your blog post from 2020 where you mention that also notes will have support for CalDAV, another forum post in Github is mentioning, that you realized this by adding VJOURNAL support:

I have added two servers to the eM client, calendars are recognized correctly, the calendars are shown in the calender section. But the notes section only shows the local folders - but there are definitely remote collections with notes present.
What happened to this feature? Was it never released from this beta or is this still in progress? Or are there additional conditions that a collection must only support VJOURNAL and no other component?

I am asking particularly because I am working currently on an Android app that will support VTODO and VJOURNAL as well as the sync with CalDAV servers (through DAVx5). So it would be interesting to have my app as a mobile application and using eM Client as a Desktop app for Notes and Tasks.

We currently support notes from Exchange, Office 365 and IceWarp servers only.

Hi Gary,
thank you for your reply!
Is there any ambition to enable CalDAV support as announced in the beta?

We do support it, but the issue may be that your server doesn’t. We use an IceWarp server, and Notes are fully supported through CalDAV with that server.