VIP Support expired

I aquired in June 2021 two Pro licenses.

No trying to log into VIP service I now receive a message, that my account has expired and I need to buy an extension.

What the heck? I paid for a 1 year support that should run until June 2022

I have bought 3 lifetime licenses. As I bought it there was no limitation of support (as far as I remember). I am quite sure about this because I bought my licenses in 2017 and this year I received an e-mail that Ā»vip supportĀ« has expired.

Seems to me as if license conditions where Ā»changed without further noticeĀ«.

On the one hand, I can understand that support has to be funded. On the other hand, I am a bit disappointed, that this change was made without preceding notice with an explanation. In my opinion, especially long term customers that supported a product from the beginning should be treated fair and with some kind of respect.

I decided against the VIP support. Therefore.

@peroed please write to me directly and I will see why your login is disabled.

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