violiation licence politic security

This day i can reactivate my free licence.
The product have volontary desactived my licence.
I have a message : violation politic of licence security
I have only one computer.
Where is the problem ?
Could you, please, if it’s the problem, delete the account
Because I’ve tried a new installation of EmClient, same thing !

Thank you

eM Client believes you are violating the license policy, generally because they feel you are using it for commercial purposes.  If this is not the case, respond to their email and explain the situation.  If they agree, your account will be unlocked.  If you are using it for commercial purposes, you will need to buy a pro license.

Thank’s for you response.
Yes the email adress,, is a society adress.
However, for me it’s a test with others email application
and on the site it’s indicated that the free download is for individual and business.
And more, it’s just for individual use, not for resell !

Thank for you understanding