Violation license policy

This computer can not be activated due to violation of our license policy please contact our sales department but we are using free license then why is this error giving me.

If you are using a Free License for business use, then that is a violation of the license policy.

Hi, I’m suddenly having similar issue. I’m using free version and only for private use, as it’s intended for. Is there a way to find out what has caused this misjudgment of the account being used against license rules?

Good chance that you’ve got your own domain name - we have, and it resulted in my and my sons’ installations being flagged. Mine is a Pro licence, my sons’ both use the free licence on their machines.

Oh thanks - That really could explain. The domain I’m using is not owned by myself. My ISP has provided that for me for home use. That’s old domain name and could easily be confused with business address. Were you able to release your sons’ free account somehow?

I just replied to the email informing them that the domain was our family’s, and pointed out my sons’ ages and that therefore couldn’t be being used for business. They released the block.