Viewing All 3; Email, Calendar, and Contacts at once. Lock Side-Bar

I’d like to glance at my calendar throughout the day. I used it 100 times a day or more. I am a scheduler and need it all the time. Is there a way to lock the side-bar and allow the calendar (and even the contacts for that matter) to show without them automatically minimizing? Any time I navigate to outside of email and then come back, the calendar minimizes and I have to expand it all over again. I literally did this 143 times today, I counted. There’s got to be a way to have the calendar viewable at all times without minimizes

That is not possible in eM Client. The best you can do is use the Agenda side-bar on the right. That is what I do and  can see my events and tasks for the next week displayed there no matter what section I am in.

i feel like the calendar issue is a big thing. no one wants to navigate away from email just to glance at the calendar. Is this in the works? 

This is the purpose of the Agenda side-bar - so that you can see your upcoming events no matter which section you are in.

I did one setup, with another email client, where we synced the calendar also with a separate calendar application. That way the email client could be on one screen, and the calendar could be on the second screen. Maybe you could do something like that.

i don’t need to see upcoming events. i need to see the calendar. I am in scheduling. I schedule. I use the calendar 100 times a day. its a huge inconvenience not being able to glance over at it throughout the day. i don’t want another app just for calendar. that seems a little ridiculous. 

Then I suggest you find an email client that supports your calendaring needs.