View contacts by alpha initial

I assume that clicking an alpha character from the alphabetic column should display contacts beginning with that character - it doesn’t.  Is this a correct assumption; if so how do I get it to work?

It should highlight the first contact whose name begins with that character, and if it is off the screen, it should scroll down so you can see it.

What version of eM Client are you using John?

Hi Gary,
Version 7.2.36908.0 - it works for Business Card format, but not for Custom View.

I think it works with Business Card view because it is sorted by a name field.

I just tested that (on a later unreleased version) and the Custom View works as well when sorted on a name field.  But if I have the list sorted by telephone number, it doesn’t work. If I have it sorted by company, I get some correct results, some incredibly incorrect results, and some no results.

Thanks, Gary.  It sounds as though I wait for the as yet unreleased version.  As I’m sorted by name, that should be OK.