View address in "from" column

I got email from someone, for ex. “someone” . Can I view in “from” column the address “” instead “someone”? (em Client 6.0.19714.0)

If you want to see their email address then go to Tools - Settings - Mail - Read and check “Show email address in email header”.


That setting (“Show email address in email header”) doesn’t seem to do anything…

I have tested it and it works like it should - open some of your email in right side “preview” panel and go to tools - setting - mail - read and check/uncheck and apply (do not click on okay) this option.
You will see that in previewed email at “From” row is (depends on settings) showing and hiding sender’s email address.


Hi Jan, showing the e-mail address in the preview pane works as you describes. I’m not using the preview pane, so I didn’t see anything happening when I tested that option.

However, the original question is about the ‘from’ *column*, so I assume Roman wants to see the real e-mail address in the ‘from’ *column* in the list / grid / table of e-mails.

Not in the preview.

Yes, that was my question: the first column in a list, not in email header. But I’ve understood, that it is not possible.

No, unfortunately it is not possible to view email in that column.