View actual email address, headers / view source

Okay, I’ve seen this posted regarding previous versions, so I thought I’d start a new top to bring this up for discussion.

First of all, I am not using a “Conversation” view, if such exists. I am looking at each email.

Next, let’s say I receive a suspicious email. My goal is to ascertain whether it is valid or needs to be deleted BEFORE opening the email.

First, I tried to hover over the name hoping to see the real email address it came from but no joy. I believe that hovering over the email line should always bring up addition information, including the real addresses the email both came from and was sent to.

Right-click on the email does not show it nor does it allow me to view source. Yes, I can open the email to view the source, but I would REALLY like to view it before opening it.

Finally, if you want bonus points from me, it would be great if the source and headers highlighted all domains referenced. That way I can quick spot suspect names like “”.

Anyhow, this is food for thought. So far, I am liking what I see, but do expect a few more comments and suggestions…


@UniqueCQ In V8 EM Client you can right click on the “Subject” or “Body” of the email and click (View Mail Source) or (View Mail header) on the menu that appears at the bottom…


Yes, you are correct. I can open the email and both options are there, but it would be my preference to view the source without even opening the email.

Well, now View Mail Header and View Mail Source are showing up from the list of emails, and without opening the email. There is also an “Export List”, too.

It seems that the pop-up menu was being truncated.

As long as that continues to function, I’m happy, although the suggestion to highlight domains still stands.

Thanks for reply. I probably wouldn’t have gone back to look at all the places to click that had you said that