Very small Menu and left hand panel font display on Windows 7 64.

I’m on Windows 7 64 and experience very small Menu and left panel font display. Looks like twice much smaller than supposed to be.
On other Windows 7 32 machine the display of fonts is normal.
Any clues?
Appreciate your help.

Hi, what resolution and DPI in Windows do you use?


Hi Jan,

I believe it’s default 1920 x 1200 resolution (HP EliteBook 8740w).
Other than that it’s a brilliant piece of software!


Still no cure, I guess…


Another issue.
In area: From - the red rectangle appears instead of regular e/m address.

You can see now how small is the font I mentioned before.


Your laptop is 14" laptop. This is normal if it has such large resolution for its size. I am having these issues on my laptop with 1920 x 1080 and it is 15" or my Macbook pro 13 which has 2560 x 1600 on even smaller display.

Try to set windows DPI to larger value and it might help you.



You’re not correct.
It’s 17" CAD workstation. And it’s the max resolution.
Check this out:…

have you tried to make your DPI settings larger? anyway first search on Google shown me 14" version, but 17" has basically same problem.

Try to make your DPI larger and then show me screenshot again please.


Thank you Jan,

Well, I’ll try to live with that since DPI changing would cause some trouble with my other apps. For instance I already have very big fonts in MS Word ribbon and other concerns with other app requiring 100% DPI for proper display and so on…

Thank you anyway, after all is not a big price for having finally organizing all my gmail and other accounts and not using Outlook.


can you tell me what apps requires 100% DPI? I am using 125% and it does not interfere with anything from Microsoft.

Anyway when I compare your screenshot to my desktop it all looks identical.


Well Jan,

I owe you an apology.
I used to have to keep my screen 100% DPI for ArchiCAD Tool tips display to be seen. You know, when you hover the mouse over the tool icon the tip shows up.
So for years I’ve got used to it.
No things have changed and after I’ve changed my DPI to 125% res now, not only in ArchiCAD all is fine, but all my issues with MS Office and all the other font display are gone!!!
This regards EM Client as well.
So it’s always good to check things before judging!
Thank you again and have a gorgeous day!


Thank you for information about your issue :slight_smile: