very slow to open "Not read" folder

In my emClient, I manage 5000 messages with 50 folders and 230 rules. The backup is over 7GB size. With this numbers, emclient, after startup the program, is very slow when click on Not Read folder. In this case, the loading icon is fixed and the program not response. I wait 2 minutes to resume the activity.

How to help you to resolve this bug?


You could try disabling conversations and see if that makes any difference. Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Same problem :frowning: I try technical support but not result. Computer has good performance. Freezing once per week. 3 accounts, many messages, many folders no rules.

I think, that problem is so much messages and bad code of EmClient.

I have well over 7000 messages, my database is over 9gb and eM Client is very speedy for me.  No lags at all.  How fast is your internet connection?  I have also found SSD’s greatly improve the performance of eM Client (and everything else).