very slow response on eM Client

Just migrated from XP to Windows 7. eM Client looks good but my import of emsail took 17 hours! Now any file to folder transfer for anything is very slow and CPU intensive. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling . all the old files suddenly appeared but still crawling along…presently unusable.
New PC is a lenovo E545. No other system slowdowns other than with eM Client. Any ideas? This is a fresh new PC and first load.

Hi, can you please check your database size by navigating to the eM Client database location in your local folder > App Data > Roaming? Are you using a POP or an IMAP account(s)? Where did you import your data from and what mail service vendor are you using with eM Client?

Thank you,

Hi Paul
New to W7 and eM Client. Is the above link done from eM client screens or in W7Explorer function?

My old folders were imported onto new W7 PC using Easy Transfer…the identities folder with all the folders was then used as the link to the eM C IMPORT location.  
First run thro went in about 5 minutes.  Later I couldnt find many emails. So went back to XP pc and did a compact folders.
Then transferred the new identities folders onto new PC, deleting the old.
Then did an uninstall of eM C and a reload…all old folders appeared. So I deleted them one by one.
 Then did the latest IMPORT from new Identities folder…this took all day.

Now any file movements give the “this may take forever” message on the eM C screen

Any ideas?

Paul,  mainly using Hotmail


info you requested from APP DATA Roaming  eClient:

mail_data.dat is 56,000,000 kB     thats big!

mail_fti.dat  is over 5,5000,000 kB

Paul,  the same file on original XP identities is half this size.  It must have duplicated something


Hi again, sorry I’m not completely sure what “identities” folder you’re referring to.
When moving eM Client’s database to another location or a new computer, you should use the built-in backup feature.

Backup will create a copy of your database that you should be able to restore from on your new computer. Before you restore your data, please make sure to have a clean database folder thus please navigate to Your local folder > App Data > Roaming, and rename or remove the current eM Client database in order to let the application create a new one on startup.

Instead of setting up any accounts in the new database, skip the import and account setup and restore your database in File > Restore.

Hope this helps,

thanks Paul

Paul, next problem. How do I get multiple address books over. I imported from my OE address book into eM C and ended up with just one instead of 3 address books.


Hi again, have you imported a POP or an IMAP account into eM Client?

Do you have local folders enabled, if some of the folders imported were local data only, they should show up under Local folders in the left pane, if you don’t see local folders in the list, please make sure to enable the option in Tools > Settings > General > Show local folders.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

I found the previous problem was duplication through multiple downloads. Thanks for your help.

New query is how to set up email so I can send and select another domain name to appear in my mail’s REPLY TO . I guess this is an alias.

I am sure you get this one often.

Thanks Frank