Very slow performance

Running on a high-end computer, Em client becomes very slow after a couple of months of usage.
Dual hexa-core CPUs at 3.0Ghz, 32GB RAM, SSD, Wind8 fresh boot. Em Client has about 4000  emails in it and connects via IMAP. Mail DB size is 380MB.
Em Client takes about 90 seconds to load. Clicking “Reply” on an email takes 6-10 seconds to load the window.

Was considering purchasing however this extreme slowness has turned me off the product along with the lack of a DB optimisation or cleanup tools. Plus the mail filters are quite clunky.
Back to ThunderBird methinks!

Hello Liam,
I’m afraid that your hardware configuration has no effect on the reply function or the time it takes to synchronize with the server.
I can suggest trying to run our Database repair tool (…) to clean up your database a bit though.

Best regards,

I had this issue some time ago and it was only affecting huge e-mails with embedded photos and attachments.

I now truncate e-mails to include less history when I reply during a long e-mail conversation to get around this.

And what’s more, no effective “offline”, detached archiving. I still want to hold my e-mails locally and not to be saved on any of my providers servers - in case sbdy suggests this way of archiving. Btw, not every provider offers built-in archiving!

emClient, however, uses one single database for archiving and for storing your current e-mails from any of your accounts. Which means a steadily growing database with no chance to reduce its size.

From what we know today version 7 does not change this behavior at all…