Very long search

The client has the only problem for me and it is very very long search. I’d rather not use it for this purpose I use gmail online. It is the only bug and it is possible that I am doing something wrong.

Hi Raul, not completely sure what you’re referring to, you can adjust your search option by clicking on the dropdown in the search field.
Make sure you’re using eM Client to search for items that are available in eM Client.

eM Client by default only downloads the headers of emails, so content of the message is only available after you open the message, thus searching for content of the message (i.e. body of the message) may take longer if the data are not available.

Also please note that eM Client’s search and Gmail’s search feature can’t be compared as your native Gmail client has an immediate access to your data, where as eM Client’s search feature is dependant on what you have downloaded and the performance of your computer.

Thank you for understanding,