Very impressed

I have tried them all, in exasperation: Outlook (too Do This Our Way), Thunderbird (too slow and wonky), Postbox (Thunderbird with a bill attached), Zimbra (too clunky). Even tried out Inky, which looks great but its gmail integration is limited. Finally downloaded this today and ‘straight out of the box’ it does almost all I want - mainly seamlessly combine all my gmail accounts with contacts and calendar. I think you have done a terrific job.

If I was to express first glance reservations it would be these:

  • can’t see my google labels in my email intrays - that’s a real shame. Would be nice to filter using them too
    – the action to enable pictures in emails has to be repeated when other clients allow you to specify that all pictures from a particular sender should be downloaded
    — integration with things like Twitter, Facebook, Evernote etc would be useful

Thanks though for a very good product. I may even pay for it, though it is a tad on the expensive side.

thank you for your feedback. We will certainly consider all your suggestions.