Vertical layout could do with some fat reduction

I’m new to EM Client and loving it so far.

One of the main reasons I’m moving from Outlook is to do with how much vertical screen real estate Outlook 2013 takes up. Honestly, it’s ridiculous! So bad they need to cheat with full-screen modes, and magic disappearing ribbons. Anyway, I’ll save that rant for another day.

Back to emClient, I feel there’s similar issues going on here. It would be great if there were some options to trim the amount of space the various screen elements took up.

  • The search box - could this be moved to the button toolbar, or have an option to hide or perhaps auto-hide? The window chrome, menu, buttons and search take up 100px

  • The the reading pane header is 212px, including:

  1. the 10px resize handle
  2. title row
  3. icon, from and 2 info
  4. “Download pictures” warning
  5. attachments area (this can be 3 lines high!)
  6. 15px bottom padding

And at the bottom of the screen you have up to 45px of:

  • potentially scroll bars in the messages
  • the info bar. Do we always need this?

This is a grand total of 357px - or 35% of my vertical space.

This might not be so bad if I had a widescreen, unfortunately I’m on a standard 4:3 monitor, as I have 2 screens.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact you can change the list height settings in the prefs - this is inspired, and makes it much easier to scan lots of mails!

What would be even cooler would be some way to either have:

  • some options to move or hide the above elements
  • alternative, slimline layouts
  • some way to style, perhaps CSS-like

Can this be done with themes? They didn’t seem that editable when I exported them to have a look at the config…

I saw this come up in a similar post, but I wanted to share my more-expanded thoughts here. One chap seemed quite upset things might get “changed for the worse” and I wouldn’t want to do that, but it would be great for those of us who want less clutter and more mail, to be able to have that.

Many thanks,
Dave Stewart

We will certainly consider it. Do you think I could change this topic to “Idea”?

Sure, if that would get it noticed!

I’m aware I’ve covered a few options in this post. I know as a developer myself that sometimes when lots of things are brought up at once, a topic can automatically get the “you don’t realize how much you’re asking for!” response, but this was just meant to open up discussion of a few potential approaches to the problem


Then you can create new topics (Idea) for each of your suggestions/requests separately.

Lets not get into a cycle of long discussion about it - the vertical waste space is the simple problem - a fix please - with an option if some still require it - I’ve been following this discussion for months already.
With respect, I’d like to see an improvement soon please.