Version update

Why checking version update shows latest while checking on site show newer one ?

This prompted me to check.  EMC Updates says no update but when I checked the Update history, there are 4 updates from the version I am on (v7.2.34711.0)?

The problem lies in the fact that there seems to be no one tending to updating the Release History page nor the update mechanism.

Hence you just have to get the new version from the main page.

I updated yesterday from the release history ( It features three updates this month, so it seems quite well tended to.

You’re absolutely right about the Release History page, but I was prevented to edit my post because you had already posted your comment

However the update mechanism isn’t working.

The update mechanism has been broken for so long, I don’t even bother with it.

Yeah, it’s funny. My luck with this has been off and on
I’ve had times, not long ago, where it worked perfectly and at the same time
there were numerous posts about it not working.
I even wrote about it in one of those posts.

As for the History Release page, I wrote about that too.
also not long ago.
The wording was like this : “As of this writing and date - this page hasnt been updated
for a while, so just get the new version from the main page.”

I take it as it comes and use the work-around…

Hello all,

Thank you for posting the Release history link.
We accidentally released a version with the broken update pop-up window which didn’t start the download. (

However, we don’t “push” each version for the update - only the major updates so the user’s don’t need to download a new version every week.