version of current em client is "newer" then license will accept it


i’m confused… installed the update yesterday and now i’m unable to use em client. when the client starts, it tells me that the version i use is “newer” then the used license will accept. i use a v7 license - why do i get this error message?

i can’t use em client online synchro right now.


I’m having the same issue here.  I am using the free license.

I also have this since this morning. Can’t use my e-mail now.
Really upsetting. That’s why I don’t like phone home activation and should be removed.

Forgot to say I’m a paid customer of Lifetime license.

Same here. It would have been nice to tell me that my license is invalid befor updating my client… I just used the software an hour ago and everything was fine. And the last update I remember was a few days ago. The offered downgrade doesn’t work either.
Guess I hvae to re-install verison 6 manually so I lose a lot of time… Very unprofessional

Has nothing to do with that. It should be a platform malfunction from their activation servers. I have a Lifetime license that doesn’t need to be renewed.

I am having the same issue too, so are all of my users who have Pro licenses.  This is a crisis, all our email clients are down with this error.

Yes, I’m delayed with work because of this. I made critical ticket but no response so far.

I have a free license and im having the same issues

This is pure BS, I even paid and it does not work! What a bunch of jokers

Calm down everyone, it’s working again.

Mine is now working again too.

working too, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

We are sorry for the inconvenience,

there was a temporary problem with our licensing server which is what triggered this message. The problem took place for about an hour and is now resolved, your license is valid so just restart the program so it is applied.

Thank you for understanding.

With best regards,
Russel Markosky

Thank you for acting fast on the issue. The mail is nowadays a vital tool for our work, so it’s understandable we’re upset when we’re left without it because something we don’t control.

It’s a crazy bug it ransoms you to buy an upgrade, which I had to do. Thinking that was the issue. So don’t expect us to be impressed.

Mistakes will happen, that’s just life as long as humans are involved.  I notice your initial post was one hour _ after _ eM Client posted the explanation of the problem.  Could have saved yourself some trouble by researching first.  I’m sure they will give you a refund.

We are issuing refunds to any affected people.

I also believe we owe an explanation and big apology to all people who were affected by the issue. We are still recovering from the situation and our support staff is quite overwhelmed, so the responses may still be slightly delayed.

What happened?

On May 2 we issued an update to eM Client version 7.0.30068 to fix an issue with the translation service. We had to migrate to a slightly different setup due to changes to the Microsoft Translator API (…). This was a minor update and the change itself was already tested widely as part of our open beta for version 7.1. We gradually started distributing the update to our users and watched for any feedback or problems.

In the last few days, we have received a number of problem reports related to the new version. We decided to pause the update roll-out while we investigate the reports. In the meantime we wanted to roll-back the version on the web to the previously released one.

Due to an error in one of our systems, the rollback to older version caused the licensing server to block out people who already updated to the new version. Since eM Client doesn’t recheck the license all the time it affected only small, but still significant, number of people.

As soon as we noticed the problem we immediately blocked out our licensing server from answering to any license check requests to prevent further damage. Within 10 minutes we found the issue, fixed it and deployed the fix.

I want to assure everyone that we are taking steps to prevent a problem like this from happening again. It was an unusual case where our caution about releasing a possibly troublesome update resulted in an even bigger problem.

Not working for me with free version. I still cannot get emClient to load on my desktop.