Version 9 update borked EmClient

Since updating to version 9 I have seen nothing but problems.

  1. I see counters for unread emails in my inbox when there are no unread emails.
  2. Invites I create on my calendar are not getting to my friends and family, I have to create the invites in google calendar.
  3. In the past I was able to select the header “yesterday” or “Last Week” for groups of emails and then click the button mark as read. Now when I do that, emClient crashes; every time.

Gotta say I’m really underwhelmed with this update (9.0.1708) Wish I could easily roll back to 8, at least I could send invites from my calendar.

If you click on the Unread Favorites folder, is anything showing there?

If you create the event in a Google Calendar in eM Client, the invites are sent by Google, not eM Client. If you want eM Client to send the invites, you need to cerate the event in Local Folders calendar.

If you are using Windows 11, this may be because of the Windows 11 UI automation bug. Can you run eM Client in Windows 8 compatibility mode and see if you get the same issue?

To do that:

  • On the Windows Start Menu, find the eM Client entry and by right-click choose Open File Location.
  • In the window that opens, right-click on the eM Client shortcut and choose Properties.
  • In the window that opens, choose the Compatibility tab.
  • Then select “Run this program in compatibility mode for”
  • Select Windows 8 and click on OK.
  • Now open eM Client using that Start Menu entry you just edited.

There was an unread emails under favorites. I don’t recall putting it there; I don’t have any folder tagged as a favorite. But it was showing some unread emails, which is odd because everything was read (at least what I could see)

The calendar issue started just after the update. I could create an event to for my google calendar (not local) and it would send the invite to anyone I added to the invite. I don’t believe this to be a google issue as I tried a different client I had installed (Outlook 2016) and it works fine. I also tried Thunderbird that works more similar to emClient and it worked as expected as well.

I’ll try the Win 8 compatibility option and let you know if that works. I do have Win 11 installed on my laptop.

Changing the compatibility mode to Win 8 seems to have fixed the crash issue I was having.

The other issue I was having, with the inbox showing an unread message; still happens. I checked the favorites Unread, nothing showing there. Checked the “More” and “Local Folders” groups, nothing is showing as unread. I’m connected to Gmail, so turned on the “ALL MAIL” folder to see if maybe something there was triggering it, it’s also showing that there are no unread messages.

I also tried the “Mark all messages are read” option on the inbox, no change. Still shows that I have an unread email.

Still having issues with the calendar. We are and have been using GMAIL for a while now. And for the most part it’s been working, until this update. Now whenever I create a calendar invite; whomever else I add to the invite does not get notification / email of the event.