Version 9 is still in beta but is new database structure already stable?

When I install the new beta of emClient 9 will the new database layout be reliable ? For example : is there a possibility that all ‘inbox’ mails can become corrupted , due to the new database layout in version 9 beta ?

lunes 20 diciembre 2021 :: 2028hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Koen_De_Keukeleire

Personally I cannot specifically answer your question, I can though offer some advice,
‘my opinion’, It is not a good idea to run any BETA, eMC or other program, unless
you do so on a test or spare computer. Definitely NOT on your main machine.

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From my own experience with V9 Beta using it for aprox a week I have (no issues with my database structure) and just bugs as normal with Betas as to be expected.

If you do install th Beta over your existing client, make a backup first via “Menu / Backup” incase you want to reinstall & restore your prev ver.

As @skybat says best to install on 2nd comp if possible.

Lastly new Beta versions are updated on the version history page so look for updates / fixes there too.

The eM Client 9 structure is pretty stable with the current beta and there’ll be no or just minor changes in the final release (all of them will be compatible with the current beta). However there will be no backward compatibility with v. 8.x database, so if you want to switch between v. 8 and v. 9 you need to backup your v. 8 database first.

thanks for info. this helped me