Version 9 feedback. Getting up to speed

I finally upgraded to V9 and it is good and a nice improvement. Just letting those of you who are reluctant to go, its worth it. However, there were a few things I couldn’t figure out. The help was of no help. Worst I’ve ever seen, or at least among the worst.

They have a youtube channel or at least a search on youtube for emclient version 9 produced a number of 2 minute or less videos answering specific questions a couple of which I had. That was great. It was like here’s answers for how to use the new features. Clear with demo in under 2 minutes.

Also, their preview will finally show my newsletter images, which is really very nice. And, I imagine I’ll be able to use the tasks view. Features like notes on emails I also put to immediate use and the thread view is a nice addition once you figure out what it is.