Version 9. Ad email not visible even adding email to contacts and whitelist

I received an email from my gym, which I guess it’s detected as spam, so the image content is blocked. I still cannot see it even after adding the email to the Whitelist and Contacts.

I know the image works because I can see it on my phone.

Also, a couple of related suggestions:

  • Some sort of indication that content has been hidden from the email
  • A quick way to add an email to the whitelist

Thanks for the great work!

The Privacy options will prevent linked content from being displayed unless you have selected to download images from that sender.

You enable it for the sender by selecting the option in the message preview. (1)

If the content is blocked, you will see the options in the header (1) and an image placeholder in the message preview (2)

If the image is still not displayed, then it may be something specific to the image type or the link.