Version 9.0.1708 A curious behaviour with Send & Receive Problems

Like lots of people I have been unable to recieve mail on either of my 2 accounts since upgrading.

However, a curious thing I have noticed is that if I send a message from one account to the other then for a short time receiving mail works on the sending account but not on the receiving account, so the message doesn’t show up. But the sending account gets all the incoming mail.

I then have to send a new message back (haven’t tried replying) and then both accounts are OK. But only for a while. After some time it all stops working and the process has to be repeated.

Hope this helps someone out there

I would suggest then to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and remove and re-add your accounts and see if that fixes the problem.

To remove and re-add your accounts once backed up, go to “Menu / Accounts” and then click on your acct on the left and then click delete / remove along the top. Lastly re-add your account via either the automatic email wizard or manual option depending on your mail server.

Yes thanks for the reply. I did eventually do that but I was primarily just commenting on some very peculiar behaviour. And showing it might be possible to still get emails while you find the time to sort out eM Client

I don’t think an update should force busy users into unplanned work.