Version 8 Upgrade Issue with Rules

After upgrading to eM Client version 8, it seems some of the rules which worked under Version 7 randomly don’t work under Version 8. No specific rule, it varies. Anyone else with this problem?

Have not seen ANY misbehaving rules… using current version of Em

Some of my rules where changed after installing a newer version. The target folder to move a mail shows up empty. After fixing the location it worked again. Very strange.

I have many rules and all worked fine - except one. I had to go reset what folder it should move to. I’d say it is when you move to another folder, but most of my rules do just that and only one was messed up. Perhaps in the update, folders got a new “name” behind the scenes.

Took just a couple seconds to fix.

Ok there is definitely an issue with rules. I have rules which work and then sometimes they don’t for the same exact incoming email address. Because it happens intermittently not sure how to track it.

When I run the rules process manually, it move the incoming new email to the appropriate folder.

I have always had intermittent/occasional issues where a ‘rouge’ email manages to escape the rules (ie: very infrequent). I do not dwell on the issue unless it becomes a regular issue for the same email. BTW, this has happened with eM Client and previously with Thunderbird.

Happening more with the upgrade that it did with the previous version.

OK, just that I have not noticed an increase and I have about 100 rules :grinning:

Ok this is becoming a problem. How do I go about creating a support ticket to have them investigate the problem?

When the rule doesn’t work on an incoming new message, I can run the rule against the new message and it is successful.

i believe support tickets are for PRO users…
but here’s your link: