Version 8 ruined my themes

I spent a lot of time developing a custom theme for version 7.xx and just installed version 8 to find that my theme will not work. This is very unpleasant. Can I get instructions on how to modify my old theme for version 8 or at least get instructions for version 8 theme files?

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I think because of the major changes in the application, like totally different section buttons etc., that is why version 7 Themes will not work. They reference things that are just no longer there, and don’t include new things that are.

Good luck with finding any instructions on Theme editing; there weren’t any for version 7, and unlikely that there will be for version 8. Just as well some basics were discussed on this forum.

If you have some kind of file comparison application like a diff tool, you can use it to compare your custom theme to the original, and then you will know exactly what you changed. That could make it easier to make those same changes in a version 8 Theme file, though some of them may not work.

So I found (or rediscovered, I’m not sure which) that em Client’s themes are embedded in their code. So I saved one of the new themes and compared it to my favorite for the last version of the program and as you predicted they are vastly different. I don’t have time to work on it now. It’s disheartening because I had the old theme colors fine tuned to my liking and was one of the reasons I liked the program so much.

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Yes, version 8 ruins version 7 custom themes … sigh :frowning:

One detail that still has not been addressed is to provide a way to change the color of the icons on the mail list header bar. Also, tthe attachment icon on the mail list is still hard to read because it’s so feint, but there’s no way for a custom theme to change it.

Completely agree with the low visibility of the attachment icon (I use a dark theme).

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While they’re fixing this perhaps they would allow themes to set the nav folder icons, or remove them completely (not avatars on account names, only on the data folders below the account names). It would also be super nice if the indentation of sub-folders could be customized. Also an option perhaps to do either of these in settings instead.

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After 40 years of computing you’d think I’d learn to AVOID updating at all costs, until others have done it and reported no problems. Stupid me went ahead and blindly updated to v8 and now my mail client is totally screwed up visually and I only have pink and purple themes to choose from. Extremely poor user experience.

Well, I rebooted my entire machine and now there’s far more themes to choose from. My carefully edited custom theme is now garbage, but at least I can apply a dark theme and get close to where I was before updating to version 8. Other than the aesthetic problems with v8 the software seems excellent. Very fast and I am liking the new design.

eM Client has made some great improvements in version 8, despite quite a few glitches, which i’m sure will get sorted out.

I wish the developers paid as much attention to design as they do to functionality, because design really impacts user experience. IMO there is no professional looking theme available, and eM Client could really up its game by paying some attention to this.

For this reason, i made my own theme a long time ago, but few will want to take this trouble. eM Client should be thoroughly professional looking right out of the box, but sadly it is not.

I too have created my own theme. In fact I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it and tweaking it. I’d be more than happy to share it but em Client doesn’t make that possible, at least that I know of. They certainly could capitalize on the many user-generated themes if they facilitated sharing them.


Yes, indeed, but perhaps even before that they might encourage people to create themes by making more things configurable (thinking especially of nav tree and list header) and by providing instructions.


I’m painstakingly doing what I did with version 7 - import one of the built-in themes (Dark), then trial and error edits, preferably with an editor (like Emacs) that allows side-by-side comparison.

It’s a pain, but you’ll get there.

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