Version 8 headache

After upgrading to V8, I’m being prompted to re enter my email address and password as a new client. The add fails claiming that either the password is incorrect, (it’s not, I checked). and that authentication failed. there are no options on the setup screen to modify servers or ports.

This is a show stopper,

CAUTION: I would go back to v7 (if that is where you started) and start again… I don’t remember ever having to supply email address and password when i installed v8.

CAUTION; Be careful and ensure you have a backup of v7 since the databases are incompatible, v7/v8.

CAUTION: I just read that someone that described the same type problem ended up losing everything and did not have a v7 backup…

Same problem here Vince2.

Not ready for showtime.

Cannot go back to ver7 as I do not have the download.

So what to do?

Will EmClient send out a patch or do we start looking elsewhere?


Problem seems to solved. I exited the program. Restarted the computer. Restarted the program.
It worked.
Hope this might help someone.

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