Version 8: glitch handling new outgoing mail


Ever since I upgraded to V8 (Windows 10 Pro), I observe abnormal behavior of eMClient when sending out new mail: the new message appears nowhere in the folders (“outbox” then “sent”, nor in the corresponding collective folders). However, the message seems to go into the “draft” folder… After closing and restarting eMClient, operations seem to resume normally and the new message appears in the Sent folder…
Can this be corrected ? Can I go back to V7 in the meantime ? Should I reinstall V8 ? How do I preserve my database and settings ?
Thank you for your kind advice.
Best regards
JLT, Paris FR

Are you running the current version 8.0.2951.0?


yes indeed
Annotation 2020-07-18 183646

I first tried to send my reply with eMClient, and the same thing happened: the message got lost, so to speak. Close + REe-open eMClient: and the msg is now in the outbox…
maybe you can give e a procedure to log the process and I’ll send you the log ort dump.
thx for all you can do anyway !

I am a user of eM Client, as you are, and not an employee. I try to help to the extent of my knowledge. I am not experiencing any of the myriad of issues I have seen posted in these forums, ever since the v8 release.

If I can think of anything else to suggest I will let you know.
If you are a PRO user be sure to open a support ticket!