Version 8 folder and mail header lists double spaced

I upgraded from Version 7 to Version 8 tonight. Upon first startup, both my folder list and message header list were double spaced. I used a 3-pane layout, with folder list on the left, message header list on the top right, and message preview on the bottom right. I had not customized my layout at all other than selecting the layout and adjusting column widths, so I was quite surprised to see the two lists were now double-spaced. Just now, I looked in Settings and see I am using the Classic theme.

I searched around and couldn’t find any topics with directions about how to restore the Version 7 appearance, so I went digging through Settings. I found under Menu-Settings-Appearance-Lists two groups of settings for Row Dimensions and Fonts. I made changes to row height and fonts, and was able to get a reasonably compact view again.

I submitted a ticket to eM Client to ask that they create a FAQ entry to describe how to recover the Version 7 appearance when upgrading to Version 8.

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