Version 8 and ++++++++++++++

Hi there,

I have Recently upgraded to EmClient 8 (specifically 8.2.1473). Been using the software for years and have paid for support during this time. But this last time, I thought perhaps not.

But I am thinking What the heck happened? Now whenever emclient opens up, I have a screen full of exs As shown in subject. I realize I need to pick a user and mailbox in the left but… why can’t EmClient just open to where it was last time? This is NOT what I would expenditure from a significant upgrade. So i have waited, but it is still not fixed. I don’t want to pay for another year of support for a less than good upgrade.

I am attempting to provide feedback to the developers. The version 8 upgrade does NOT present well when the application is loaded. Surely you are aware of this, but perhaps not. I as a paying user expect more or will look elsewhere.


Sorry for the typo “expenditure” should read “expect”. Sometimes these silly apple spell checkers assume way too much.

Just an aside Allan. Typos happen (I know!), but you can edit your original post to fix them.

Thanks Gary! I appreciate it.

Thanks David. I hope I won’t have to edit too too many.