Version 8.1 and blacklisting spam emails

Does 8.1 do a better job of working blacklisting spam emails?

The Rule is exactly the same in all versions of eM Client.

It works by you specifying the address or domain you want blacklisted, then automatically moving those messages to the Junk folder.

Well that’s the problem. I do what you say and move “blacklisted” emails to junk. delete junk and sooner or later… voila there is the “blacklisted” email again. been going on now for months.

Go to Menu > Rules and edit the Blacklist Rule. Make sure that the address or domain listed there is exactly the same as that in the message that has not been moved. Also make sure the Blacklist Rule is ticked in your list of Rules.

Another possibility why the Blacklist Rule may not work, is if the message as been moved server-side to another folder, or it has been marked as read on another device.

Thank you but I’ve checked your thoughts and do not detect a concern. Must be a bug in the rules software.
Maybe I’ll dump the blacklist and start fresh.

When you say the blacklisted email is there again, is that in the Junk folder or the Inbox?

If it is the Junk folder, that is what is supposed to happen. The Blacklist Rule moves messages to Junk, it does not delete them. So if another message arrives from that sender, it will appear in Junk.

If it is the Inbox, is it the same message that was already moved to Junk and has now been moved back to the Inbox? Or is it another new message from that sender?