Version 8.1.1054 - Global Inbox Not Working

Hi. Just upgraded to Version 8.1.1054. I have 2 email accounts that have worked perfecly forever, all Inbox mail from both accounts appearing in the Global Inbox. One is Gmail (default), the other another provider. Since upgrade the Gmail Inbox messages are not appearing in the Global Inbox (All Inboxes). They do appear in the Unread folder. Strangely the message count for both global Inbox and Unread includes messages received to the Gmail Inbox, but on opening either there are no messages shown from that account. The other account works perfectly.

I have tried deleting the Gmail account, restarting eM Client and then adding the account back in. No change.

Anyone else?

Yup, I’m on version 9 and see the same thing. If I click on Inboxes, my two accounts are there and I can click either one to see the inbox for that account but If I’m clicked on Inboxes, I’m only seeing emails for the first one, not both.