Version 7

When you will publish v7 ? Your email client is one of best, but still is others more usable. Conversation view is one of base functionality and standards. I must migrate back to Outlook, and I think not only me have this problem…

Hello Tibor, even though we’d like to release the new release immediately, it’s just not quite ready yet. eM Client 7 is an important release in which we’ve already promised to include the missing conversation view feature, we’ll share more details about the beta release and more information about new features soon, but we want to make sure the application is ready and that it won’t cause any major issues to new or current users of the application.

We’re working on moving from the Internet Explorer core features and instead we’d like to use webkit/chromium as the main application core in future, I’m sure you can understand this is a big change for us.

Hope this helps, 
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Thank for your response, but can you tell me, if it will be available in this year? If yes, it’s will be in Q3 or Q4?

Hello Tibor, can’t unfortunately share more information yet, it will be released this year, the release is planned for the summer, more info should be released soon :slight_smile:

As I suggested, you keep track of the newest releases and updates on social media where we always release information about what’s happening on time.


So when EXACTLY will the beta test for v7 start now?