Version 7 won't accept multiple recipients

We have just upgraded from Ver 6 to Ver 7.
We use MYOB as our account system and it can send emails to multiple recipients through the default client.
So if are to send an invoice (attachment) to [email protected] and [email protected], MYOB would have in it’s address section - [email protected]; [email protected]
With version 6 - two emails would be sent, one to each recipient.
Now that we have Ver 7, only the first recipient receives an email. The second receives nothing.
Is there a fix?

Hi Claude,

If you have troubles with eM Client PRO , you can create a support ticket at: You will find your login details in the initial email we sent you right after the purchase.


Hi Claude, Did you get a solution?

I own version 9 and I am having exactly the same problem. Unfortunately my 12month support has expired. :-/

Hi Grant,

We stopped using MYOB and went to Xero so the problem went away.
Also, my emClient database became corrupted and as I didn’t have a backup I lost 4 years worth of Pop3 emails. emClient basically said bad luck we can’t fix it so I moved to Outlook.
Double Whammy

Thanks mate for the reply.

I have a paid for version of Em Client with lifetime upgrades. Single email addresses being passed over to Em client has been a regular problem that I have experienced. I even posted about it on here which was repaired with a patch update soon after a major update.

It seems that multiple addresses being handed successfully to emclient has NEVER been fixed by support. Proof of that is the multiple orphan threads on this topic.