Version 7 - What are the "Notes" &" Outbox" used for?

Don’t quite understand the need for these. Wouldn’t Outbox be the same as “Sent” mail?

Interesting. I installed the trial version only a few days ago. There must be some option I haven’t selected — I don’t have a Notes folder showing.

If this program is similar to others I’ve used, “Outbox” is a place where messages are queued for sending, but haven’t yet been sent. I’ve never been sure how an “outbox” folder differs from a “drafts” folder (which eM Client also has of course).


I didn’t select it as far as I’m aware. Just was there after I downloaded version 7. It shows up under the Junk E-mail folder. Thanks for the Outbox info. That makes sense.

Furthermore, I cannot delete it.

I am using Imap configuration for my Hotmail.
“Notes” &" Outbox" folders were not existing for Hotmail users.

They appeared after Hotmail has stopped downloading for
Windows Live Desktop Client users.

I believe they are generated by Hotmail and not by eMail Client.

I don’t know and wonder if it’s safe do delete them,
but if you right clik on them there is a Delete option.

Thanks for your reply.

These two folders do not occur in my Hotmail account and I am unable to delete them in EmClient. No big deal, though, as I don’t need to use them, but they do add to the clutter :slight_smile:

I apologize, the Notes folder is in my Hotmail. I have deleted it, but it just may come back on its own. The Outbox folder is NOT listed in my Hotmail.

You won’t have an Outbox folder in your Hotmail account. The folder is there when you use an email client and connect to your mail server to send/receive emails. As stated above, the Outbox is for when an email has been created and has been told to be sent, but has not actually been sent yet.

In most cases, as soon as you say to send an email, it goes to the mail server and is sent. There are times where the email is not actually sent off right away though. This could be is you are working off-line or if the mail server has an issue and cannot immediately send the email.

You cannot delete this folder, nor should you. It won’t hurt anything and is an essential folder.

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