Version 7 Trial Comments

I have managed to uninstall version 6 and set up version 7 in trial mode, unfortunately no official advice on how to do it so just trial and error.

It’s too early to know if the problems with have been overcome.

One copy is on a laptop and it seems to try and collect mail while the laptop is sleeping. When the laptop is woken for use there is a red exclamation mark next to each email account in eM Client from which it cannot recover. Sometimes it can be closed from the menu, other times it is completely unresponsive. In either case I have to use Task Manager to close it then go through the data checking process when it re-starts.

Trying to customise the column configuration and a couple of columns have disappeared, the is no “To” column and no “Folder” columns, where are they? I have ten email accounts with sub accounts within them, e.g. I have an email address of “” and “” etc. etc. I can no longer see these addresses as there is no “To” column.

I am finding this “upgrade” very disappointing, the layout seems designed for iProds, these is still no automatic white-listing of contacts and its ability to deal with laptops and is questionable.

Can any of these issues be fixed?

Quick update.
I had to re-boot my laptop as I couldn’t close eM Client.
The version on laptop and desktop is 7.0.26687.0.
On the laptop there is a “To” column but it’s not available on the desktop.