Version 7 of eM Client has the same issue that previous versions had regarding losing all stored emails and other data.

em Client for no explainable reason suddenly loses all accumulated mail from the inbox and sometimes other folders as well.  Then it starts re-synching which takes a long time and also never does totally synch up.   This happened several times with version 6 and now it just happened with version 7.  The emails were there until it started to synch, received an error, and then all mail messages were removed or at least they were missing and not available.

One improvment in v. 7 is that it starts re-synching at the most recent emails instead of the oldest emails as v. 6 did.  This provides access to more pertinent info sooner rather than days later.

Also, I get an error almost every time the program synchs.  For the most part it works but it always ends with and error message.  My server is ‘’.

I will not be able to tolerate this annoying quirk much longer.  If I do not hear about a fix or at least get some useful info then I suspect this is it for me and eM Client.

In most cases the resynchronization is triggered by the IMAP server itself. Outlook accounts are currently migrated to a new server backend by Microsoft, which may be responsible for many of these quirks and errors.

I had some issues at first with my Hotmail account using the autoconfiguration (IMAP), so I switched to a manual setup, and used Exchange, and it has worked brilliantly ever since.

We recommend that for the Outlook accounts that has already been migrated to the Exchange backend. Unfortunately we cannot make it default yet.