version 7 not showing photo attachments sent from iphone by email

version 7 not showing  photo attachments sent from iphone by email

I’m ready to stop with the problems now!! Still no response from two other emails about the sync errors. I sent screen shots of three error messages and NO response.

I have experienced this also.  I use yahoo mail.  If I view the message in the web interface at yahoo, the images are there and accessible.  But, no sign of them in eM Client, which is directed to yahoo mail for my account.

Same here? They are showing in WLM and on Outlook but not in EM Ver 7?

Could someone please respond to this situation?

When I send jpeg photos from my iphone to gmail, the attachments show up correctly in gmail, but show up as 0 size txt files within eM Client.   I can send photos within eM Client, and they show up correctly in the sent folder.   (I am using version 7.0.27943.0