Version 7 is slow

Version 7 is really slow, sometimes, it takes forever to sync a folder.  Please work on it and improve the speed.  I have been a big supporter for 5 years already, but version 7 is really making me considering to change to another software.

And I forgot to tell, I am a paid user with 3 licenses.

Yes, it is slower than V6 and the competition. It takes about 4 seconds before a message shows up after clicking on the header, whereas in V6, TB and Outlook the message is displayed immediately. Downloading for offline use does not make any difference.
It makes me suspiciious, what all is happening inside my box while emClient takes its sweet time opening a simple message worth less than 1 KB. Do I really want to know?
Well - although I have a pro licence for 3 PCs - I went back to V6 and don’t miss anything.

I have also noticed and not sure if Olivia is reading this but not only is it slow to open when I attempt to open the app itself, its slow in opening the body of emails or also its impossible to type an email WHILE the app is syncing all my folders.  I have local folders which really arent anything special but I do have to sync with google, comcast, yahoo and most importantly our corporate exchange server where I have hundreds of folders.   While this sync is taking place…I cannot create and actually type a new email, and I cant read already downloaded emails while that is taking place…Not the most multi-tasking email client now that its version 7

Interesting. I have 4 gmail accounts and a complete sync takes less than 4 seconds. Message loading is almost instantaneous. I am curious as to what types of accounts (and so should emc) are slow. I notice Ed mentioned Exchange, what about others?

Something interesting to note Jay is that a lot of times I am in the field and I am using 4G to get onto the internet.  I don’t believe my gmail and other imap accounts have an issue since those are small accounts.  Its when I am on 4G connected to my exchange server and it has to sync my couple hundred folders that it takes quite a while and during that time…I cant do any new emails or even read old emails.  Its as if the database is locked during that duration.  Now…if I am at home on my highspeed internet, its somewhat noticeable but tolerable.   I think the concern I have with the slowness is more about what emclient will or will not allow me to do during a sync session.  I have had to change my sync to every 60 minutes and if I create an email or see that I got an email on my phone, I will do a manual refresh to get emclient to grab it. 

By the way, as far as the program loading slow, I thought version was slow to load until I changed to an SSD and the load became very fast.  Can’t really tell the difference between 6 & 7 from a load standpoint.

The other curious thing is that I have mine sent to sync every minute and even on my much slower home connection (work = 70mb, home = 3mb), I still seem to be able to work while syncing.  Sounds like their Exchange implementation needs tweaking.

Unfortunately (for you), in their own words, gmail users constitute the “vast majority” of their user base, so I wonder how committed they are to other systems.

I would love to sync every minute.  I believe a nice work around for the folks at emclient would be to allow me to choose which folders to sync so that it doesn’t have to sync every folder in my account.  One thing I could do is to try and delete some old folders in exchange that I don’t normally store emails in so that it doesn’t have to scan those.  I am sure that if I only had 5 folders in exchange…it would not be a problem whether I was on 4G or home internet. But I like the idea of having all accounts in one program.  I tried outlook 2016 but unfortunately our company has not upgraded yet so I cant access my company emails from outlook 2016.  I used to use thunderbird for my non exchange emails and OWA for my company emails but wanted to try something different. Really not too many clients that can do it all these days.

Four seconds is lightspeed for me. It takes me 7, 10, even 15 secs to open one mail. I ended up having to use download messages locally for offline use. This app is so slow, it’s become a liability for me. Then there are the endless sync error messages and password prompts.

What type of account?

Hello all,

I’m getting the same issues. The other day I installed em Client 7.0.27943.0.

Even after syncing with the exchange server and everything appeared fine. Some occasions an email that has 1 or more emails in the thread take literally 3-5 minutes to show the email. And also, when it’s syncing, I cannot type messages until it’s done.

My system is clean. It runs Windows 10 /w latest updates, i7, SSD, 16gb ram. My bandwidth is 240mb up / 15mb down. Everything else is fast on my computer.

The only thing I can think of is it’s connecting to an exchange ews mail server. But, I tested with another mail client and all is working normal. I’d like to use this product and buy a licence, but at this rate, I am not sure.


Exactly my symptoms with the same version. Yes I have ALOT of folders in my exchange profile and it literally takes minutes to sync all the folders, but why should I have to wait for that to finish before I can type up an email or read any of my offline messages

I see these comments are marked 2 months ago but I still have similar problems.  Just downloaded the freebie program having got fed up with Outlook’s oddities, but version 7.0.27943.0 loads really slowly (nearly a minute to see the opening screen).  Using 2 email accounts plus Windows 7 64-bit with loadsa RAM and over 3Gb processor.  Everything else is fast, just not the e M mail program.  Is anyone actually looking at why this is so slow and trying to rectify it?

Hello Dave,
yes, we are indeed still looking into this.
Are your mail accounts set up as IMAP?
If so, can you try enabling the ‘Download messages for offline use’ option under their IMAP tabs in Menu>Tools>Accounts window?

Hi - no, both email accounts are POP which I prefer to IMAP - I assume that your enabling comment does not apply to POP?

Two months ago I complained about the relative slowness of emClient as compared to the competition. In the meantime I got myself a new PC with an SSD as system drive and re-installed all my software.

The “slowness” has completely gone away and I don’t even download messages for offline use. emClient is the same version that was slow before, so the “bug” must have been in the hardware or - more probably in a software hickup on my old PC.

I have a SSD, it’s not helping. I was ready to drop the $50 on the software but it’s pretty much unusable given how slow it is just on basic message display (with images turned off).