Version 7 - I'm disappointed

Thanks a lot for the efforts, Olivia - much appreciated.

Search bar location change:
I still disgree on the logic, that may be behind the search-bar location. Software needs to provide a smooth workflow and not follow the guidelines given by Windows. I agree on the available height for laptop users, where the new locations is much less problematic when the screen is that small. But why not configurable - do we all need to fit into one size ?

New Menu:
I can not see, why a single button, labeled with “Menu”, consumes less *vertical* space then all menu items horizontally in a row - as it was before. Also, there’s no score below the characters to point out what key would trigger the menu points.

The delay occours when using the keyboard (menu-key, right of the space-bar). When I press Menu-key, R, E - in my German version- the language should change to English. But the menu opens somewhere on the screen and is then moved -more or less- to the location where the mouse pointer is. Try the menu-key yourself a couple of times and you’ll see what I mean. Keyboard-events are not buffered, so when you enter the keys in a fast sequence, it does not process the commandy given.

I can add and remove keys, correct. What, if I want to move the buttons closer to the left, where my messages are ?
Do I need to fill the right side with all kind of useless things, just to move the most-left button out of the center of the screen ?
I agree, that this is better as it was before, but I would not call it a completely customizable toolbar …

good advice - I will have a look on that.



Hi Stefan,

new Menu:
this design is indeed very common these days:
Opera, Firefox, MS-Office (somehow), Chrome, Vivaldi…

seems, you are requesting a “Spacer”-Object for the Toolbar (like Firefox offers…)?

is it about having paragraphs in different languages within the same Message
or is it about one message written in German, the next in English…?

the latter could be addressed with eMail- Templates , one for each language.
(I just figured out how to use them…)
Problem: the Template does not contain/store the language-settings.  :-(
bug or feature?


Hello Everyone,
I consulted the specific cases about the current GUI and our team will make these changes in the version 7.1. for the New Message window:

Mass Mail and Delayed send will be moved to a menu under ‘Send’ (under the arrow option, the same way you can choose New>Message/Contact/etc.), making it even easier to access than in the older menu.

Save draft, Print, Mail Format and Check Spelling will be available as buttons in the customizable Toolbar.

If you have any specific functions you need to access from the Menu daily that you feel are now hindered by the Menu change, please let me know so I can forward the feedback to our developers.